Technologically advanced societies have become increasingly dependent on external energy sources. The level of use of external energy sources differs across societies. The projects we develop involve a wide array of technologies and applications combining energy efficiency with renewable energy solutions.

We design solutions using our deep knowledge of the market, and of current and emerging energy technologies. We propose unbiased choices and deliver objective, turnkey solutions tailored to meet our customers’ needs using the right application of technologies.

The key to our ability to find the right solutions is twofold. It’s our people–we’re creative problem-solvers, many of whom have decades of experience in the energy services business. And it’s our comprehensive approach, which involves looking at our clients’ sites and situations holistically, through different lenses–economic and technological.

We are a one-stop energy services provider staffed to provide expertise, experience, personal attention and seamless delivery from project inception to completion. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Electrical installations: Substations and transformer centers for generation, transmission, distribution.
    Low, medium, and high-voltage installations.

  • Electric power generation plants: Combined-cycle Plants

  • Cogeneration

  • Renewable energy

  • Diesel plants